Brain Power. Innovation. Experience.
Our extraordinary team of dedicated and highly-skilled individuals combine elements of research, strategy, design, marketing and technology in the development of custom solutions, centered around results. Here’s how we do it:

Hydra Process Graphic
We listen and learn everything we can about our client’s business and the existing environment. We conduct interviews, review internal strategies and materials and conduct a competitive analysis. Then we delve into the target audience – their needs, habits and how they currently interact with the client’s brand.

Based on research and insight gained in the “Explore” phase, we develop a strategic vision for the project and create a plan to brings that vision to life. The plan shows timelines, lists required resources and defines specific tasks to ensure a successful and timely project.

Once the creative concept is approved by the client, it goes into production and is translated into a fully developed program. When complete, the solution is tested and approved – both internally and by the client – then implemented.

After the launch, we track and analyze results from the campaign. Our measurement expertise spans Web, campaign and social analytics. Results from the customer data profiles help us create effective and relevant experiences for the user, while reinforcing their connection to our clients.

Based on the data collected, we then refine and improve the solution to build better performance and drive results. We can improve results over time by continuing to measure and refine the solution.